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    Default TN2 Issues - System resources | Sticky time banking | Sticky bets at next table

    Good afternoon,

    I am having a few issues w/ TN2.

    1. Every session within a short amount of time (less than 15 mins playing – just happened at less than 100 hands played), I get the "Your system is running low on resources. Re-booting your computer may fix the issue.” Over time this results in significant negative effects (such as stats 'sticking' behind when moving tables around when HM2 is also running).
    a. This also happens after a computer restart. Computer specs aren't an issue - new computer (also happens on laptop)
    b. This also happens when HM2 is not running

    2. Quite often, when TN2 auto clicks timebank, it 'grabs' the mouse and it 'sticks' around the timebank area. I literally have to ‘pull’ it away at times. This results in mis-clicks at times and general annoyance. Similar to this, sometimes a new active table will 'grab' the mouse and put it over fold/call/check, when trying to move the mouse to another table it will 'stick' to the fold/call buttons. Extremely annoying.

    3. (Edit) Often times I go to click a hotkey (call for instance), and right as I click it, it's as if another table 'sneaks' up underneath and grabs that input. As you can imagine, this has resulted in numerous instances where money is being lost.

    4. 'Sticky betting' - This one happens more rarely, but usually at least once a session. I'll bet on a table, then it's as if the bet is stuck and will bet at the next table as well. No, it’s not due to me holding the key down longer than usual.

    5. Auto-check/bets when clicking on table - Similar to 4. Sometimes when I am playing and click on a table that's requiring my action (as I was just doing an action on another table) it will simply check on the next table. This may have something to do with the mouse jumping to bet/check/fold buttons on newly activated tables and being trigger happy on click (meaning, it just inputs it). Now that I think about it, maybe it's possible many of the problems listed above (w/ the exception of the system resources) stem from the same issue

    My info:

    Using version TN2 2.8.60 (Edit: I updated to 2.8.62 - no change)
    Playing on Pokerstars. Default colours (black background, green felt)
    Playing 4 ring, 4 zoom
    Windows 10
    16 GB RAM, ryzen 7
    Nothing else running in background
    Happens on PC and Laptop (all the issues above, including the system resources thing)
    Play with a bigger 'middle' stack on left side of the screen, have 2 stand alone at upper right and upper left overlapping. TN2 is set to Stack.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’d be more than happy to send in logs if required. I'm hoping this may be a simple fix, but who knows...

    Many thanks in advance!
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