Beta update to version is now available!

Latest beta build can be downloaded using beta autoupdate in HM3 (Settings > Prompt for beta update, then Help > Check for updates) or through this download link.

Full release notes available here.

  • Better handling of filter values when invalid comma or pipe symbols is used
  • Board Texture Flop filters will now stay remembered when reopening filter editor
  • Do not display autocomplete suggestions for invalid filter values
  • Effective stack size filter now will include IsPlayable filter to ignore hands folded to BB
  • Improved Omaha wrap filtering
  • Prevent an error when using Ctrl+Backspace and certain filtering combinations
  • Prevent bad filters from automatically being saved with reports, causing them to stop working on restart
  • Resolved an issue where Non-Ace Suited Omaha hand filter did not return hands that included off suited Ace
  • Resolved an issue with Omaha double suited filters not showing all expected results
  • Resolved an issue with StackToPotRationFlop causing an error for some users

  • Added an option to create a copy of the database (backup) before upgrading it
  • Improvements to HM2 Database import feature to better handle bigger databases
  • Resolved an issue in Startup wizard where login would not work for some users
  • Resolved an issue with previous beta where memory usage was higher than usually when loading databases on startup

  • Resolved an issue where HUD did not always work if launched too quickly after HM3 start up

  • Improved resizing when switching from a player with more to a player with less stakes displayed in the graph
  • Opponents list will now remember hidden stats through restart
  • Resolved Bet Sizing filter issues in Single Opponent Line Analysis view

Poker Sites
  • 888Poker - Added HUD support for EUR Snap tables
  • 888Poker - Read re-buy and add-on cost from summary files
  • GGPoker - Added support to read buy-in information from tournament names
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with invalid date import errors
  • Peoples Poker - Added 3max preferred seat configuration
  • PokerKingAsia - Resolved an issue with stats in straddle hands
  • PokerStars Added support for 5-Max STTs
  • PokerStars - Add rebuy and add-on detection for Pokerstars Home Games
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue where free-roll bounty amounts were too high
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue where tournament was incorrectly tagged as Deep
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with 45/90 players MTT SNGs results no being detected
  • PokerStars.IN - Resolved an issue with some hands incorrectly importing as playmoney and no stack size information
  • PokerStars.IN - Resolved an issue with valid hands were not importing and showing as errors
  • Revolution - Resolved an issue where preferred seat settings were not working correctly on fresh installs
  • Run It Once - Detect Cub3d SNGs as Lottery type
  • Run It Once - Prevent import of tournaments with invalid blind levels that were causing issues
  • Winamax - Improved HUD scaling for classic and new clients to better match HUD size on other poker sites

  • 888Poker Blast tournaments - All players HUDs will now show in replayer
  • Player stack size will now be correct when rewinding actions
  • Prevent replayer from appearing out of visible area when using higher DPI settings

  • Added Date and Time category for tournament reports
  • Added new cash game Multi Table Report that shows results broken down by number of tables played at the same time
  • Resolved an issue with Finish distribution graph options not working on some cultures (RU)

Situational Views
  • Display previously applied filters when switching between Situational Views and reports

  • Corrected Turn Call Delayed CBet SRP/3Bet stat names to Turn Call Delayed CBet and Fold River IP/OOP to correctly reflect the formula they are using
  • Resolved an issue where VPIP in Opponents section was including hands folded to big blind as opportunities (Requires database upgrade and re-import)

  • Added an option to change tournament currency in the editor