Automatically seat detect not working on
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    Default Automatically seat detect not working on

    Automatically seat detect not working on, i'm using the latest version of hm3 and I have the auto center option activated on Is not working on zoom tables and on normal tables, hud stats are displayed but in the wrong place.

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    Are you using the HM3 Standard HUD or Graphical HUD? We have a known issue with the default seating positioning with the Graphical HUD but the Standard HUD should be working.

    If you are using the Graphical HUD you will have to use the right mouse button hold and drag method to reposition the panels, then right-click the HM3 icon at the top of the table and deselect the [ ] 'Lock Panels' to fine tune the ring and line stat panels.

    If you are having this problem with the 'Standard HUD':

    Is this a custom HUD profile you created or imported from HM2? Does it happen with our default/included HUD profiles?

    - Export this and any other customized HUD profiles from the HUD - HUD Editor - Options - Export Profile menu if possible and reset them all to default.

    If you continue to have problems:
    - Close HM3 and right-click - Exit the HM3 Server icon in your Windows System Tray and wait one minute.
    - Then check this folder: C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\Hud\Data
    - If you can't see it, turn off the windows option that is hiding that directory.
    - There should be 4 files in there if you have modified any of your HUD Profiles. If you see files there please select them all, right-click - 'Cut' them and then paste/move them to a new desktop folder.

    Restart HM3 and see if that solves the HUD issues. If it works with default HUD Profiles try importing the exported profiles and see if the problem returns.

    If the problem is specific to those profiles please zip/attach the files you cut/pasted, and exported, to a new support ticket email. Also export the original HUD profiles from HM2, if they originated there, and zip/attach those as well as the 4 files you cut/pasted to your desktop. Make sure you include screenshots of the HUD/problems and a detailed description of the problem, HUD Profile Name, etc.

    If none of that helps and you have the same problems with default profiles:

    Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ and reproduce the issue then send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ with a link to this forum thread.

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