Hello, i'm having an extremely annoying problem with the size of my HUD on winamax after update (Beta Release - Oct 20, 2020) which is ruinning my sessions

Attachment 164898
This is the normal size of my HUD before update

Attachment 164899
And this is the hud after update with the HUD extremely large.

The workaround that i've managed to find was to keep using the version (Official Release - Sep 11, 2020) which didnt had this problem, but now this version doesnt work anymore and i was forced to download version (Official Release - Nov 11, 2020) which still has this stupid problem.

As you guys can see, it is extremely large and it becomes unplayable , it is ruinning completely my session because i cant do anything about this... I play with 100% scale on a 4K monitor due to the number of tables that i play and if i try to edit the hud to make it smaller on winamax, my hud on all the other sites will become very small. I need this bug to be fixed ASAP because as i said, it is tilting me hard and i cant do anything about it. Im srsly thinking to switch to H2N since
HM3 still has a lot of bugs and it takes ages for the devs to do something.

I wanna know when this is going to get fixed, otherwise bye HM3.