Hud Doesnt show in one table ipoker when multitabling
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    Default Hud Doesnt show in one table ipoker when multitabling

    Sometimes my hud doesnt show in one table of ipoker, it usually happen when i click seat as 8 max table
    i want to know where is the table find table in livereport like in holdem manager 2 where you can have that option.

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    HM3 does not have the manual Table Finder like HM2 had. It does have an automatic table selection tool that appears as needed for some sites that require it but it can't be started manually on a site where the HUD is randomly not working on one of your tables.

    Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ and reproduce the issue then send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ with a link to this forum thread and your forum username.

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