(Beta Release - Nov 11, 2020)
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    Default (Beta Release - Nov 11, 2020)

    Beta update to version is now available!

    Latest beta build can be downloaded using beta autoupdate in HM3 (Settings > Prompt for beta update, then Help > Check for updates) or through this download link.

    Full release notes available here.

    • Prevent an error when only . is entered into filter bar
    • Resolved an issue with tournament filter for buy-ins did not work when using Russian language

    • Updated certificates that prevented previous releases from starting correctly
    • Resolved an issue with HUD Only mode Start menu shortcut not working after last update

    • Increased player notes window size when Notecaddy or another app is active
    • Resolved an issue where hand counts were not updated during session when max number of hands was not set at heads up tables

    Poker Sites
    • 888Poker - Updated Snap HUD support
    • FullTilt - Resolved an issue where facing steal was not counted correctly in some situations
    • GGPoker - Allow import of split hands where split pots sum is 1cent off compared to pot size
    • GGPoker - Exclude jackpot rake from regular rake
    • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect date detected for Bounty Hunters Specials
    • Ignition - Resolved an issue where sometimes NL25 hands stake was detected as 0.12/0.25
    • Ipoker - Added DST support for EST timezone
    • Ipoker - Added support for new beta client
    • Ipoker - Allow HUD to work when tables include commas in the window title that dont match hand histories
    • PartyPoker - Added detection for KO Series Championship Pre-May 2018
    • PartyPoker - Rebuy tournament detection
    • Peoples Poker - Improved HUD table size (number of players) detection
    • PokerStars - GrandTour SNG detection improvements
    • PokerStars - Improve detection of Zoom tournaments
    • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with progressive bounty tournament buy-in amounts
    • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with re-buy/reentry tournament detection
    • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with Zoom HUD on play money 1,000/2,000 tables
    • RedDragon - Resolved import errors
    • Winamax - Added support for tables opened in the playground in new client
    • WPN - Added detection for 0.50+0.05 On Demand tournaments
    • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with satellite prize not detected for some tournaments

    • Improved table size detection for sites where table size is not specified
    • Resolved an issue where opponents cards were not always shown on showdown if option to hide hand results was enabled
    • Ignition - Shorten anonymous players names
    • PokerStars - Added replay support for Spin & Go Max all-in hands

    • Cash Results Graph will now display bonuses when using date filters correctly
    • Prevent side results graph from being sized too big

    • Added new "Blinded all-in" option for preflop action facing player stats in hands grid and reports for Spin and go Max and similar tournaments
    • Avg Pot SIze will now include rake amount
    • Minraise stats will now correctly count opportunities for hands where player faces a three bet and then calls or raises
    • RFI stats will not count Limp-Reraises as opportunities anymore

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    it don't works better for me :/

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    I'm still having the same issue as before, I start program, it says "initializing views..." then start up stops. I've tried installing and running the program as an administrator as well on Windows 10- still no good.

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    Default Afetr UPDATE License EXPIRED??

    After update HM3 runs good. But my license expired..

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    90% of hands arent importing after update. Ive tried manually importing files and folders but to no avail

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    Quote Originally Posted by rafaelrg84 View Post
    After update HM3 runs good. But my license expired..
    My license expired 10 days ago and i have to renew for H3 works?

    "Annual Support & Maintenance is an optional payment that is included for free the first year. If you decide not to renew, you can continue using HM3 without restrictions with all updates released before Support & Maintenance has expired."

    i can not continue using HM3...

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    After updating HM3 starts but sends me a popup that my license expired and I can only use After reinstalling the previous version it freeze during Initializing Views...

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