Stat NC.LastShowdownHand issues
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    Default Stat NC.LastShowdownHand issues

    Lately I am witnessing some issues with proper displaying of the stat NC.LastShowdownHand in my hud - most of the times I'm just unable to see any data after clicking this stat (picture 1). This also applies to all NoteCaddy notes in my hud - no info pop-ups when I hover over replay icon (picture 2)
    Plus when hands played do pop-up, which almost doesn't happen anymore, player's actions are not color coded so I can't distinguish which action belonged to a hero (picture 3 and picture 4)
    Are there any more complaints like this or are these some problems on my own end only? if so then can I fix these issues somehow?
    picture 1: picture 1.png
    picture 2: Picture 2.png
    picture 3: Picture 3.png
    picture 4: picture 4.png

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    Hello al333yup,

    Thank you for reporting these issues.

    The issue with the NC replay not being color-coded has been reported to the developers. It should be solved soon.

    For the other issues, I haven't heard of them before. When you see this happen again can you please create a support ticket with your log files included?

    In the ticket, please link to this thread.

    Please add log files to the ticket:
    - Log files -
    Here's how you can do that:
    1. Reproduce what you were doing when the issue occurred. *When the issue occurs proceed with the next step.
    2. Navigate to*C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Manager 3\HM3_Utilities.
    3. Click on 'HM3CopyLogFiles.bat', choose Yes to create the log files if asked.
    4. On your desktop you should see a folder named 'HM3logs'.**Please .zip it using 7-zip or another similar program, and send it over.
    5. If the file is too big to send, please upload it to to a cloud service like OneDrive, Dropbox, or, and share a link.

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    thanks, I'll try to do that

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