Changed HUD in HEM3, wont update when I play
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    Default Changed HUD in HEM3, wont update when I play

    Hi guys, I used to use HM1. Now I have HM3. I changed the HUD stats to simplify them, but when I go to play, the default HUD stats are there. Please advice, playing on BCP, everything else works great.

    playing blitz cash on ACR
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    You have to assign the preferred HUD profile to that table type. If you (1) left-click the Table 'HUD' panel you can (2) choose the HUD you want to use then (3) open the menu again as shown in the attached image to set it as the default profile for that table type:

    You will need to do the same for each site/game you play.

    These HUD settings are saved and can be managed/created in the HUD - HUD Options: 'Profile Select' menu. Here is an example of how I have mine setup for cash and tournament testing:

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