Holdem Manager 3 Freez Problems
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    Default Holdem Manager 3 Freez Problems

    After a hour or two hours hm freez and just bug with the last hands or dont show the correct stats
    It keep showing the mucked cards but and not the correct stats in the players
    freez an not showing correct stats
    this was when i use HM3 HUD Only

    But i try using the normal HM3 but it was too laggy with 8 tables
    more heavy than HM2 and i have a 500SSD. 16GB Ram. I7
    shouldnt lagg that much.

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    Is that a custom HUD you created or imported from HM2? Do you have the same problems if you use the HM3 'Standard' HUD profile?

    Try to remove any unused or extra popups from the HM3 HUD profile, that you might have imported from HM2. With HM3 it loads the stats for all the associated popups even if you are not using them.

    - HM3 - HUD - HUD Editor - 'Profile:' = select the profile you want to edit.
    - Options - 'Export' or 'Duplicate' the profile so you have a backup copy before you make any edits.
    - Click the 'Popup Groups' button in the upper right corner.
    - In the upper left under 'Groups' you can select then 'Delete' any unused popups.

    This should help speed up the overall HUD and popups performance.

    If you continue to have problems:

    - Try to remove positional stats directly in the hud (stats using position item property in the Hud Editor)
    - Try to reduce number of stats in the HUD
    - Try to disable session stats in tooltips (HM3 - HUD - HUD Options)
    - Try to set max number of hands limit lower in HUD Options
    - Try to reduce the number of hands in the database (new database and import only portion of the hands)
    - For popup loading speeds: reduce number of popups and complexity of the popups

    If none of that helps: Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link with a link to this thread and your forum username. Please reproduce the problem and attach a set of log files and a screenshot and detailed description of the issue in the support ticket you created.

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