Low disk space/purging hands
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    Default Low disk space/purging hands

    Hello there, so my disk space has been dwindling to the danger zone lately, and as I use my computer only for playing poker I decided to purge some hands, however my HM3 crashed after like 4 hours, and even then it only got to 7%. So I tried purging a smaller sample, it crashed again. Finally I purged just one day worth of hands, successfully, but it took like 3 hours. You guys have any tips for faster purging or any method for clearing some disk space for that matter?

    All that being said, do I understand correctly that HM3 doesn't run with postgressql? If so, does that mean I can just unistall postgres then?
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    We recommend you maintain more than 20% free space on your system drive. Please see this FAQ to clear up some more free space.

    a) I do not have any recommendations for speeding up purges. What percentage of the hands in the database are you trying to purge? Do you have a lot of marked/tagged hands in that purge selection?

    If it is crashing during purges, or taking a very long time to purge a small number of hands, please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link with a link to this thread and your forum username. Please reproduce the problem and attach a set of log files and a screenshot and detailed description of the issue in the support ticket you created.

    If you are trying to purge a large number/percentage of the hands and it is crashing or taking too long it may be easier and faster to just create a new database under the HM3 File menu and import the hands you want to keep from the C:\HM3Archive. If you are very low on free space you may need/want to close HM3 and exit the HM3 Server and delete the old database(s) before you import any hands to the new database.

    b) If you do purge hands from a database you should compact it after the purge:

    - Install the SQLite Browser.
    - Restart your computer and leave HM3 and the HM3 Server (HUD Only Mode) closed.
    - Launch the SQLite Browser program and then click 'Open Database' option, switch the File Type box to 'All Files' and select your database you want to compact.
    - Now click Tools - 'Compact Database...' - 'OK'.
    - The process will likely say 'not responding' but just be patient as it can take a good bit of time for larger databases.
    - When the process finishes the 'Compact Database' window that had popped up will close and then you can close the main DB Browser software.

    Here is a short video example of me showing the process on an old test database.

    c) HM uses PostgreSQL. HM3 uses SQLite. If you no longer use HM2, PT4 or H2N you can uninstall PostgreSQL but you may want to make backups of your HM2, etc databases first before you uninstall it in case you want to restore those databases later. Here are the steps for how to completely remove all of the PSQL data:

    If your current version is working fine we generally don't recommend reinstalling it. If you have version 8.4 installed that came with HM2 then you might see some improvements updating to version 9.3.x which is the last version HM2 supports.

    Make sure windows is fully updated until 'No New Important Updates are Found' (this may require multiple restarts and multiple 'check for updates'), including Internet Explorer (even if you use a different web browser).

    Please note that reinstalling PostgreSQL will mean losing all your old data. If you have access to HM2 and your database was not corrupt then please follow these instructions for backing up your database as a precaution in case you cannot reconnect after reinstalling PostgreSQL.

    If you cannot access the database in HM2 then you can backup your database using this method but if your database was corrupt then the best solution is to reimport all your hands from C:/HM2archive folder or if your pokersite supports it you can request all your hands and summaries and reimport them as restoring a corrupt database will just restore all the problems you had.

    1) Uninstall PostgreSQL from the Windows Control Panel.

    2) Delete the \PostgreSQL\X.x\data folder that is left behind.

    3) Delete the sub-folder(s) in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\HoldemManager\Da tabase (XP - c:\documents and settings\username\application data\HoldemManager\Database).

    4) run the command - start > programs > accessories > command prompt > right-click > run as administrator

    net user postgres /delete
    After you click 'Enter' for the code above also do that same for this code:

    sc delete postgresql-8.4
    and click 'Enter' again.

    5) Restart your PC

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    Default My drive has been filling up due to log files.

    My hard drive kept filling up with log files...I presume from crashes. Was previous Beta release, waiting for it to happen on V.

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    Please duplicate the issue and send us both your Windows Event Viewer application logs, and your \Desktop\HM3logs\ folder of files, as instructed below with a detailed description of what you were doing and what problems you were experiencing:
    - Open Windows Event Viewer's (Control Panel - System & Security - Administrative Tools or Start - Search - 'Event Viewer') - Windows Logs - Applications.*
    - Check for any errors and send the information (right-click - Save All Events As...) and compress*/attach that file to this support ticket.
    - Here is a short video showing how to collect those event viewer logs - https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2y0i8qkhg...0logs.mp4?dl=0

    - Close HM3 and the Holdem Manager Server icon in the system tray. *
    - If it is not running or fully launched please open your Windows Task Manager and right-click - End Task on 'Holdem Manager 3', *'HM3 HUD' and 'HoldemManager.Server' if you see them. *
    - Click Start (Windows Icon) - Holdem Manager 3 - 'Copy HM3 Log Files to Desktop'
    - Then zip* and attach all (Ctrl+A - Right-Click - Send to - Compressed (zipped) folder) files in that folder to a support ticket here - https://support.holdemmanager.com/support/category/19 - with a detailed, step by step, description of what you did before the error.
    - Here is a direct link to your My Tickets page - https://support.holdemmanager.com/user/mytickets/
    - Here is a short video showing how to collect those HM3logs - https://www.dropbox.com/s/diahy56xhr...s%202.mp4?dl=0

    When sending any files please zip them (select all files with CTRL+A > right-click > send to > compressed folder) before attaching them to an email. If the attachment is larger than 10MB please upload them to a file hosting site like dropbox, then in Windows File Explorer right-click (DropBox Icon) 'Share' > 'Create Link' > Copy Link' and right-click > 'Paste' the download link directly into the support ticket email. If you have any problems with dropbox try using https://wetransfer.com/ or https://www.filedropper.com/ or google drive and copy/paste the download link to us.
    - https://help.dropbox.com/files-folde...utside-dropbox
    - https://support.google.com/drive/ans...DDesktop&hl=en

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    Thanks guys, great thorough answers as always!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker View Post
    My hard drive kept filling up with log files...I presume from crashes. Was previous Beta release, waiting for it to happen on V.
    This issue has been documented in detail and provided to the developers to resolve.

    - HMT-5848: Settings - Feature Logging: 'Max. No of Log Files = X' not working

    If you want to be notified when it is fixed please send an email via the 'Contact Support' link and include "Notify Me When HMT-5848 Is Resolved" in the subject line and body of the email.

    For now you will have to manually delete those log files periodically that are not being automatically deleted by HM3:
    - Close your poker clients, close HM3 and right-click - 'Exit' the HM3 Server icon in the Windows Notification Tray.
    - Open Windows File Explorer and browse to - C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\Logs\Archive
    - If you can't see it, turn off the windows option that is hiding that directory.
    - Click 'Ctrl+A' to select all the old log files then click the 'Del' key to send them to the Recycle Bin, or hold 'Shift+Del' to permanently delete the old log files.
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