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    can you please add an option to rightclick on a Hand (or/and a Button in the Replayer/Viewer) to see raw HH which includes the bounty?

    Its quite ridiculous that you still can not show bounties in the Viewer/Replayer. Copy pasting the HH in editor just to look up the bounties is quite annoying.

    Would be really nice to implement it!


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    Our QA/Testing Manager didn't want me to write up this specific suggestion but he had me write up a feature request to display the bounty values somewhere in the Replayer and Hand History Viewer itself as he felt that would be easier for the developers to implement, and easier for the customers to use, than what you requested.

    HMT-5857: Add Bounty values to Replayer and Hand History Viewer

    And we also have a previous feature request that is related but would have only helped for the Replayer, not the HHV.

    HMT-4296: Add 'Bounty' HUD stat for for PokerStars Progressive Bounty and Progressive Knockout tournaments

    These feature requests have been documented in detail and provided to the developers for future consideration. *If you want to be notified if/when they are added please send an email via the 'Contact Support' link and include "Notify Me When HMT-5857 and HMT-4296 Are Resolved" in the subject line and body of the email.

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