How to get HUD to scale font down with window size
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    Default How to get HUD to scale font down with window size

    When I use the replayer my HUD boxes and the fonts are nice and small. But when I'm playing they're much bigger. Is there a way to get the HUD to scale the size down all at once without having to manually change the font size for every stat?
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    You can edit the font size in the HUD - 'HUD Editor...' menu for each HUD/Stat in the Item Properties section. You can also try toggling the HUD - HUD Options - General Settings - Advanced - HUD Display Options - [ ] 'Allow Vector Scaling' option and/or try changing your Windows DPI Scaling -

    You can Ctrl or Shift + Click to select multiple/all stats before making the item property edits. HUD - HUD Editor - Ctrl + Left-Click multiple stats in the 'Group Items' list then make your edits to the item Properties - various fields that you want to edit for mujltiple stats at the same time. You can also select the 'Font' Item Property to select it then click Ctrl+C and go to the other Stat(s) and select their 'Font' then click Ctrl+V.
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