Bug in Note Definitions?
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    Default Bug in Note Definitions?

    I am attempting to use a stat "HM.SBsteal-vs-HeroBB".

    I am not positive, but I believe this definition is an original Notecaddy definition. (The reason I'm unsure is that I've imported another set of definitions as well)

    When I "seek" examples, it includes all instances where the SB limps (as well as raises, but never folds). Additionally, there are hands where other players have limped [However, players other than the SB never raise]. Both of these are specifically prohibited in the definition. I'm attaching two screenshots that show this is the case. I've also included one example.
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    Hi john2,

    I looked at this definition. It is from the NCE Ultimate Cash package. The Seek will show both 1) Instances & 2) Opportunities. So it is normal to see times where the SB Limped or Folded in the Seek. What to pay attention to is the text towards the bottom where it will tell you if the hand was an Instance or an Opportunity.

    Opportunities are the times when the player could have made the action, but did not. These are necessary to get the definition to display as a stat frequency (if a definition only accounted for successful instances, the stat would always show as '100%').


    Regarding the Seek showing times when there are other limpers before the SB, I was not able to reproduce that. I grabbed some hands from HM3 where this happened and plugged them into the NoteCaddy Test Environment, and they did not count as opportunities.

    Could you export a hand where you see this happening and upload it?

    I tested this in HM3. Please let me know if you are using HM2 instead (and which version of NC you are using in HM2 - Help → About NoteCaddy).

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    Sorry, it's been a while since I've used NC much. Thank you for the explanation.

    As far as other players that had limped, I am not getting those hands when I seek today. I must have used "seek" on the wrong definition the times that happened.

    Sorry to cause you the extra work.

    Thank you.

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