Matrix and NoteCaddy for HM3
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    Question Matrix and NoteCaddy for HM3


    ALL the documentation I have with picture shows HM2 and not HM3 so it is a little confusing.

    I have HM3 and note caddy HM3 edition.

    I would like to know how to put the matrix of the range of the opponent like on both picture below


    And as well I would like to know how to configure bagde below and how to put it in the HUD:
    As well I can not figure it out what is Nc.orderedBadge3 to what specific stats is it link ?

    Thanks for all your explanation..

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    For the first image, in HM3 you can't apply heatmaps directly to stats like you could in HM2.

    For the second image, the definition needs to have $cardrange" in its description (the definition's General tab), and it needs to have 'Use CaddySpark' enabled (in the definition HUD Options tab). This will allow the heatmap to be attached to the note.

    Regarding badges, check out this link:, click on 'Badges Overview'.

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