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    Default STAT HUD "WonSDBetRiver"

    Good afternoon, I have seen that the stat that indicates when the opponent wins when he beats on the river is not included in the general stats so I have tried to import this custom stat with the note caddy definitions and that it used in HM2 but I don't know what I am doing wrong because once this stat is included in the HUD it does not count it when I am playing or in the replayer, could someone help me? it is a stat that I use and would like to have it included in my HM3 HUD.

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    Is this the same stat that is shown in your HUD/Popup in HM2? It might be that this particular stat you are referencing 'WonSDBetRiver' was part of a composite stat (not meant for HUD/Popup use).

    If I were you I'd check in the HM2 HUD/Popup editor to make sure you are getting the correct stat.

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