NC stats not showing when transferred hm2 hud to hm3
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    Default NC stats not showing when transferred hm2 hud to hm3


    I exported my database from hm2 and to hm3 and also my hud layout, but in hm3 the NC stats do no show - they just show as blue+grey symbols. When I imported the hands to hm3 notecaddy seemed to import the hands correctly with the blue loading bar like it did with hm2 but still cannot see any stats on the hud?

    Does anyone know how to fix?


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    You also need to export your NoteCaddy definitions from the HM2 NoteCaddy. Then you need to import them into the HM3 NoteCaddy.

    After you import the NC definitions into the HM3 NC, then you'll likely want to import your HM2 HUD into HM3 again. That will allow the definitions to attach properly.

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