Sync HM3 Archive Latop-PC Desktop
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    Default Sync HM3 Archive Latop-PC Desktop

    Hi everyone,
    I have been trying to use dropbox for some time to keep the handhistories (graphs, statistics etc. etc.) synchronized on two pc: laptop and desktop pc.
    I shared the HM3 Archive folder (clicked on the send to button and selected the "desktop pc" folder inside the Dropbox folder), played 200/300 hands and closed HM3 and turned off the desktop pc. Then I turn on the laptop, go to HM3, click on File -> Import Folder and select the HM3 Archive folder inside PC Desktop. But on HM3 I don't see the update, as if it didn't matter. How can I solve? I tried to look on the internet but found nothing. Folders in dropbox have a green "V" and everything looks regular.

    If instead I backup the HM3 database before turning off the desktop pc, save the database file in dropbox and then turn on the laptop, Tools -> Restore Database. This way I load HM3 exactly as before closing on the Desktop PC.
    Are there any solutions without doing database recovery every time?
    Thank you
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    Make sure that you are allowing enough time to upload the hands to dropbox.

    Try downloading the files and importing from your hard drive.

    What does it show in the import history? Does it change the # of hands in the player list?

    Does it update when you restart?
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    Hi, we're talking about 80Mb of files, so not a big volume of data. When I see that the folder in Dropbox has a green "V" I proceed with turning off the desktop and turning on the laptop.
    I have not done the test by downloading the files from the Dropbox folder to the hard drive or to the desktop and then subsequently importing them into HM3, I will do this test.
    No the number of hands does not change, which is why I doubted and I wrote this post. I haven't even tried to restart the program after doing the import, I'll do this too.
    So I'll try to:
    1. Copy the folder (HM3Archive) to the Desktop and then import it into HM3
    2. If point 1 doesn't work I try to close and reopen the program after importing the hands in HM3.

    I will update after tests done.
    Thanks for the moment!

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    I use Google Drive to sync my archive folder between my laptop and desktop like you do with Dropbox. In both of my HM3 - Tools - Settings - Import 'Archive Directory' I have them configured to archive to - C:\Users\{UserName}\Google Drive\Personal\HMArchive\HM3Archive. I don't use my laptop often as I work from home 7 days a week on the desktop but if/when I need to use the laptop I can start my laptop and wait for google drive to finish the sync down from the cloud to the laptop and update my laptop database by manually importing that folder to the laptop database.

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