HUD colours not changing
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    Default HUD colours not changing

    hi, I tried to set different colours depending on the value of an opponents VPIP as shown in the following screenshot, but after hitting apply, and selecting the particular HUD from the drop down menu on the table, and even restarting the PC etc they will not change to the correct colours.

    In fact the colours dont make any sense at all, in the screenshot on the left you can see one player has a VPIP of only 18 which appears in green, but another player has a higher VPIP of 26 yet this appears in orange.


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    We will need to see some log files from you to review, and the actual HUD for testing.

    Please reproduce the problem and attach a screenshot showing the HUD, the Cash Results By Stakes Report (or Tournaments by Buyin report if you don't play cash games) for one of the selected players with the problems, and pictures of the HUD Options Filters and attach your \HM3logs files to a support ticket as explained in this FAQ.

    Also export that specific HUD from the HM3 - HUD - HUD Editor... - Options button - 'Export Profile' option and zip/attach that exported Cash - Default.hm3hud file to the same ticket.

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