HUD not working in Ignition App
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    Default HUD not working in Ignition App


    I'm currently on the free trial of Holdem Manager 3. Before I purchase it, I want to try the hud out to see if I like it. When I start the hud, nothing pops up on the ignition app. I've played with the settings and nothing has worked yet. When I turn on Graphical Hud, I see a holdem manager icon in the top left of my ignition app and a "purchase holdem manager 3" display in the middle of the table.

    Live tracking has yet to work in Ignition, forcing me to import every hand by downloading it from ignition and uploading it to thee app.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to buy holdem manager 3, but if it doesn't work I am not willing to pull the trigger.

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    HM3 Apps can only be used if you own a HM3 license. They can not be used if HM3 is in Trial or Free mode. This is a security restriction of our licensing system. The only way you can try that App would be to buy HM3 and use our 15 day no questions asked refund period as 'Trial' time for testing the app.

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