Official update to version is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

  • Filter bar text detection improvements
  • Resolved an issue when combining HandTags and HandDateTime filters in certain order
  • Updated Float quick filters definitions to be more accurate

  • Added warning for corrupt databases
  • Added warning on startup if additional logging is enabled
  • Beta updates are now not enabled by default anymore. Opt-in available in the settings.
  • Database backup will now correctly back up all configuration files in addition to the database
  • Improved compatibility with Windows where some services are disabled that caused an error on startup
  • Prevent an error some users got when continuing trial in My Licenses window
  • Prevent archive folder to be set to program files HM3 folder
  • Resolved an error with the tournament results graph after creating a new database
  • Resolved an issue with sending error reports where error would sometimes not be sent if client was restarted while sending the report
  • Resolved an issue with shortcut creations for Windows 10 with OneDrive desktop synchronization
  • Resolved an issue with totals row in situational views for the dark theme
  • Show an alert when viewing a report that is restricted by the license (Alert icon in top right)
  • Updated dependencies for HM3 and added them to the automatic downloader (.Net 4.8, VC++ 2013 and 2015-2019)
  • Updated translations for all languages

Graphical HUD
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with HUD orientation on 3-max tables when using None option for Preferred seat
  • PokerStars - default positions improvements
  • Prevent unintentional switching of stats when new player joins the table
  • Stability improvements addressing error reports from users
  • WPN - Change shape of graphical hud to square to better match the theme
  • WPN - Improved positioning of player panels for different table sizes

  • Added logging for issue where stats unexpectedly switch to session stats for a hand (Please submit log files if experiencing this issue)
  • Added more logging for an issue where stats reset in the middle of the session (Please submit feedback if experiencing this issue)
  • HUD menu should now enable correctly if opened to quickly on startup
  • Resetting session stats will now reset stats to count from current hand instead of previous hand
  • Resolved an issue with popups where tool tips didn't appear until moving mouse cursor

  • Improvements for table size detection
  • Resolved an issue with auto importing backlogged summary files
  • Resolved issues with importing standardized hand history files (OHH format)

  • Process stat requests from the HUD more efficiently, greatly improving popup loading performance

  • Resolved an issue where opponents list view would not display correctly after switching active player

Poker Sites
  • 888Poker - Added Snap poker HUD support
  • 888Poker - Blast tournaments report and filters support
  • 888Poker - Resolved an issue with HUD not working on cash tables in previous beta
  • 888Poker - Snap HUD support improvements
  • 9Stacks - Added auto import support
  • 9stacks - Added hand history folder detection
  • Added detection for Betsson UK and Sweden
  • GGPoker - Added Omaha rake detection
  • GGPoker - Added tournament detection for Spin and Gold tournaments
  • GGPoker - Calculate rake based on available rake schedules (since rake is not in the hand history)
  • GGPoker - Hands will now adjust correctly to users local time
  • GGPoker - Improved rake detection for known issues (Please submit hand histories if you notice incorrect rake calculations)
  • GGPoker - Rush and Cash hands are now grouped correctly in sessions by table report
  • GGPoker - Rush and Cash hands are now tagged as Fast hands
  • Ipoker - Added winnings detection for HU SNGS
  • Ipoker - Resolved an issue when importing hands exported from HM2 in Ipoker format
  • Ipoker - Updated timezone for Red Star Poker to EST
  • Microgaming - Resolved an issue with importing GBP hands on some Windows culture settings
  • PartyPoker - Added support for Bwin Spain
  • PartyPoker - Resolved import errors for hands without posted big blind
  • PokerMaster/HHPoker - Updated default HUD positions for 8-max tables
  • PokerStars - Added winnings detection for Satellite Spin & Gos
  • PokerStars - Spin and Go Max tournaments report and filters support
  • PokerStars - Spin tournaments that reward tickets will now be detected as satellite lottery tournaments
  • PokerStars.ES - Added reentry detection for EUR tournaments
  • Revolution/Cake - Added auto import and HUD support
  • Winamax - Resolved an issue with bad hand in Flipper tournaments stopping tournament detection
  • WPN - Added support for Cyclone tournaments
  • WPN - Added support for new tournament summaries (Please ensure the summaries folder is correctly configured under Tools > Site Settings > WPN)
  • WPN - Resolved an issue where import would get stuck on some WPN Bomb pots
  • WPN - Resolved an issue where results were not correctly updated when auto importing summary files
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with importing summary files that existed in WPN Summaries folder before starting auto import

  • Resolved an issue where HUD was missing for some players when tables were not full
  • Shows straddle in replayer for .OHH standardized hand histories

  • Added game type breakdown to Tournaments by Buy-in report
  • Added Tournaments by Sessions and Months reports

Situational Views
  • Added translations for situational views menu
  • Resolved a number of issues with various views
  • Resolved filtering issues in situational views

  • Changed Minraise stats to show percentage based on all preflop hands, and not only relative to preflop raises (now matches HM2)
  • Resolved an issue with Limp-Reraise counting hands facing all-in as opportunities for a raise
  • Resolved an issue with PFRUnopenedPot26to40bbStack stat being incorrectly filtered to SB position

  • Added Timed All-In tournament type for reports and filters