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    Hi, I'm assuming this is a false positive? Googled and saw others had some similar problems but just double checking. Should I put an exception for all the hem3 folders in my antivirus?


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    This is common with new software like ours that hasn't been downloaded**by a lot of customers yet that can report the false positives to antivirus companies. *You need to report it as a false positive to your antivirus vendor so it won't affect other HM3 users with the same antivirus in the future, then remove the file from quarantine and/or reinstall the software and make sure to exclude HM3 from scanning by by your AntiVirus.

    Open your Windows Defender (or chosen AntiVirus program) > History tab:
    1) Select the files if they are from holdemmanager with that checkbox on the left side, then in the bottom right of the window click 'Allow Item'.
    2) Start HM3.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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