Cant use Allin or Not Allin in Express def
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    Default Cant use Allin or Not Allin in Express def


    I can create a plain "RFIF_SBvBB_VsHero " (raise first in fold to hero resteal) and it works fine. But when I try to change Allin or Notallin or change betsize it do not use the settings , when I "seek" it shows both when allin and not allin pre-flop and all betsize ( I have try do make the stat show when fold to between 4bb to 13bb reraise).

    Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong? Are there any videos about create express notes?

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    The seek should show the same Opportunities for both of these stats, but their Instances should be very different, which would lead to different frequencies when it's shown as a stat in your HUD/Popup.

    Can you confirm you're seeing them show as different numbers in your HUD/Popup? They are showing differently for me, and the 'not all in' / 'all in' seems to be working from what I see.

    There aren't any videos showing how to use express definitions that I'm aware of, but you seem to be doing it correctly.

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