Hud space too big from hm2 to hm3 (same configuration)
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    Default Hud space too big from hm2 to hm3 (same configuration)

    I have a big problem with the hm3 hud.
    I would like to have in the hud the same space between the columns that I had in hm2.
    I tried to create a HUD from zero with random statistics, without any type of modification (prefix, suffix,
    etc), only with the Verdana-8-bold font (same as hm2).
    But the difference in space is still considerable.
    (the number of columns (11) is the same between hm2 and hm3)
    And in fact I can't use hm3 because my hud hud is too big for multitabling, while it was perfect in hm2.

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    That image looks really familiar, like you have posted it before in the forums or sent it to us in a support ticket.

    We already have a developer ticket documented for this issue.

    HMT-4119: HUD spacing/padding and Stat font appearance issues

    If you can export your HUD from HM2 and send it to us with HM2 vs HM3 comparison pics of the same HUD in each we can add it to that developer ticket for our QA guys to test when the developers eventually work on this issue in the future.

    Please 'Contact Support' with a link to this thread and your forum username.

    Please export the HUD(s) from HM2 that you were trying to import to HM3 that caused this problem and zip/attach it along with screenshots of how it appears for you in HM2 and HM3 on the tables and/or replayer with a detailed description of any visual or statistical issues you are experiencing.

    HM2 - Heads-Up Display - HUD Settings - HUD Designer - Export

    When sending any files please zip them (right-click - send to - compressed folder) before attaching them to an email/ticket.

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