HUD doesn't work in the cache
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    Default HUD doesn't work in the cache

    Hi! HUD stopped working when playing in the cache on 888. Import is available. HUD works in tournaments. How do I fix it?

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    This issue has been documented in detail and provided to the developers to resolve.

    HUD-15: HUD not working on 888poker anymore

    This is only affecting cash games and is related to some recent changes we made for their 'Snap' tables. It is an urgent issue that should be addressed soon for one of our upcoming beta or official releases.

    For now you can rollback from to, until we get fixed this in a newer beta above, from this link -

    You will receive a prompt to update HM3 any time there is an update available as long as you have enabled the Tools - Settings - General - [x] 'Check for Updates' and [x] 'Prompt for beta updates' options. You can check for new updates via the HM3 - Help - 'Check for updates...' option. You can also check for updates and release notes in our HM3 Releases forum here -

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