can't find license key
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    Default can't find license key


    my trial for HM2 ran out so bought HM3 all stakes, I was guessing this includes HM2

    know this sounds pretty stupid but I can't see the license key anywhere or does it not work for HM2 when I type in the like 30 letter looking aaaaa-aaa--aaa-aaa kind of code is that the license key?

    Thanks for any help

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    Unfortunately it is no longer possible to purchase or upgrade a HM2 license or any HM2 related apps now that HM3 has been released. Purchasing a HM3 license does not grant you an equivalent (or any) HM2 license.

    All development of new features, tools and game type support will be focused on HM3. We will continue to support HM2 for bug fixes and parser updates until an end of life (“EOL”) date of December 31, 2020. See this FAQ for more information -

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