Hm3 not working 11pm/00 + session duration
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    Arrow Hm3 not working 11pm/00 + session duration


    It is impossible for me to update HM3 between 11pm / 00h. It doesn't work between this gap of time. It comes back to normal at 00h, but include the plays in between for the day after midnight not for the day before when I start to play. Same for the session duration it doesn't split the time from a day to another it just include everything in one and count for the day after.


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    Is this only happening in the Live Play view or does it happen in reports also? What is your HM3 - Tools - Settings - General - 'Start of Day' value set to? What site/games are you playing?

    Please edit the Tools - Site Settings - {your site/network name} - Time Zone Adjustment - [x] 'Manual hand time adjustment (in hours)' option so that the time for the hands in the Reports will match your local time if the Auto Detect method did not properly set the offset value.

    If you continue to have problems:

    Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ - - and reproduce the issue then send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ. Make sure you also include a link to this forum thread and your forum user name when sending us those files in the support ticket.

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