Leakbuster 2 Not able to grab hands from HM3
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    Question Leakbuster 2 Not able to grab hands from HM3

    I'm trying out HM3 and Leakbuster 2. I have a lot of hands imported into HM3 successfully but when I try to import into Leakbuster 2 I get the error message "No hands found matching your filter. Please make sure active player is correctly selected in Holdem manager 3" To the extent of my knowledge the active player is selected, as HERO, in the ribbon. Maybe it means selected somewhere else? Confused on how I can fix this. HM3 has the hands and LB2 seems not to be able to grab them from HM3. Perhaps I need to not be in trial mode on HM3 to get leakbuster to work?

    Thank you for all help! Happy Grinding!

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    Please contact LeakBuster support at support@acepokersolutions.com so they can assist you.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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