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    Default Open Shove Stats Issue

    I noticed with Open Shove stats there is a little issue that comes up in tournaments NLH. I do this sometimes and many players do (no one really knows why, its just to throw people off I guess) but what a player will do if I have say 26,700 chips in a tournament, I will bet 26,000 (leaving 700 behind) again there's no real reason for it just throws people off but I do this quite frequently and many other players do as well.

    the issue it causes with the HUD is that the HUD won't count that as a shove, even though it effectively is a shove and I would definitely count it as a shove. Is there any way to fix this in my settings? Thank you.

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    There is no way to make that count as an all-in shove given the definition of those 'Open Shove' stats.

    The only way we could ever count that type of bet as being an 'effective shove' would be to create new stats with new definitions. Perhaps something like 'Open Shoved 99% of Stack' or something like that.

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    Okay well at least I know there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe what I'll do is make a note every time a player does this so I can get a better estimation of a players open shove stats.

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