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    Feature Request.

    If i have a player with 100k hands, i would like to keep the most recent 10k hands, and purge the oldest 90k

    Repeat for all players with 10k+ hands.

    This would be an efficient way to reduce database size, without losing invididual players (which is what happens when you delete hands before a certain date)

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    This is not technically possible for a variety of reasons. You will have to use existing purge features/filters to purge older hands as needed and you can try setting the HM3 - HUD - HUD Options - Filters - 'Stats from the last XXXXX hands' filter to '10000' if that is the most data you want to see in a HUD on a player.

    Note: HM3 does not yet have a way to vaccum the database after a purge, to reclaim some of that space, built in to HM3. This feature request has been documented in detail and provided to the developers for future consideration.
    HMT-4431: Add database vacuum option to tools

    If you want to be notified if/when it is added please send an email via the 'Contact Support' link and include "Notify Me When HMT-4431 Is Resolved" in the subject line and body of the email.

    You can vacuum a database manually:

    - Install the SQLite Browser - https://sqlitebrowser.org/dl/
    - Restart your computer and leave HM3 and the HM3 Server (HUD Only Mode) closed.
    - Launch the SQLite Browser program and then click 'Open Database' option, switch the File Type box to 'All Files' and select your database you want to compact.
    - Now click Tools - 'Compact Database...' - 'OK'.
    - The process will likely say 'not responding' but just be patient as it can take a good bit of time for larger databases.
    - When the process finishes the 'Compact Database' window that had popped up will close and then you can close the main DB Browser software.

    Here is a short video example of me showing the process on an old test database - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxknx2tld0...owser.mp4?dl=0

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