Tournament reporting crashing
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    Default Tournament reporting crashing

    I thought the problem went away but it didn't.

    I deleted about 15-20 tournaments that I didn't want ... used the shift key, highlighted and did them all at once. Now when I open up the tournament tab and try to open a report it crashes on me. I've re-opened and left the reporting alone but getting no HUD at the table

    Oddly, everything is fine for cash
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    HM3 - Tools - Backup Database... - uncheck the [ ] 'Database' option and backup the config files so we can recover your settings later if necessary.

    Close HM3, exit the server icon from the Windows System Tray and rename your C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\Reports folder to a different name. *If you can't see it, turn off the windows option that is hiding that directory.

    When you restart HM3 this will recreate your new \Reports folder with all fresh and default files to see if it is related. Please let us know if this does/doesn't solve your problems and zip/attach the folder you renamed.

    When sending any files please zip them (right-click > send to > compressed folder) before attaching them to an email. *If the attachment is larger than 10MB please upload them to a file hosting site like dropbox, then click 'Share' > 'Create Link' > Copy Link' *and right-click > 'Paste' the download link directly into the support ticket email. If you have any problems with dropbox try using or google drive.

    If it doesn't solve the problems you can close HM3 and right-click - 'Exit' the System Tray HM3 Server icon then delete the new default \Reports folder that was created, and rename the original \Reports folder back to the proper/original folder name to use your original settings and configs.

    If you continue to have problems: Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link with a link to this thread and your forum username. Please reproduce the problem and attach a set of log files and a screenshot and detailed description of the issue in the support ticket you created.

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