Ignition and 14 day trial -- can't use HUD?!
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    Default Ignition and 14 day trial -- can't use HUD?!

    I'm sure this has been covered before, so apologies if I'm repeating an already answered question.

    I play exclusively on Ignition. Just downloaded and installed the 14 day trail.

    I see the 'apps' are blocked during the 14 day trial, which I would assume to include the Ignition hand grabber.

    Does this mean I'm not able to evaluate how the hud works with Ignition during the trial period?

    I have every intention to buy the product once I see how it performs with Ignition. That's hard to do if the HUD functionality is blocked.

    Any help / guidance would be appreciated.

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    HM3 Apps can only be used if you own a HM3 license. They can not be used if HM3 is in Trial or Free mode.

    We have a 15-day refund period.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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