New Version of NC Not Working
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    Default New Version of NC Not Working

    EDIT: After a few "Reset Notes" and HM3 restarts, the hands processed correctly.

    I deleted the NC Edge HUD/package and re-installed it as directed. The old pack/NC version was working well.

    When it first started processing notes, it was running at about 12 hands per second, but quickly slowed to 3 hps, stopping pausing for a few seconds after every group of processed hands.

    I Reset Notes and tried again and it is stuck on 0 processed hands.

    I recently (two-three weeks ago) did a complete reformat of my computer because one of the windows services would not run, so my computer is clean.

    EDIT: I un-installed NC Edge and installed the "Default" definitions, and these definitions are also not processing.
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    It`s awful

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    Quote Originally Posted by freisler0293 View Post
    It`s awful
    How so?

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