Ignition Hand Grabber not recording a hand where hole cards are known by Bovada
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    Default Ignition Hand Grabber not recording a hand where hole cards are known by Bovada

    Hi all, not sure where this post should go, so please let me know if I should have posted it in a different section.

    I am using HM3 + Ignition Hand Grabber (on Bovada) + NoteCaddy.

    When 2 or more players reach showdown and some players are not required to reveal their hand, the Ignition Hand Grabber does not capture the hands of those players even though Bovada makes those hole cards known in the hand history section.

    Please see the attached screenshot which shows that the Hand History in Bovada revealed the hole cards right away, but they were not captured by the Ignition Hand Grabber (I'm assuming) and therefore not shown in NoteCaddy either.

    Hopefully this is a limitation that can be overcome!
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