Problems importing GGPoker tournaments
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    Default Problems importing GGPoker tournaments

    I can't find an option to auto import hands/tournaments from GGPoker, instead I have manually imported them. The imported tournaments have no info in them at all with all fields showing 0 except tournament duration, the hands for each tournament are imported though.

    When I try to manually edit each tournament I get the pop up: "Make sure your report includes both Site and Tournament Number" and when I close that I can't do anything and the cycle loops.

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    GGPoker does not write live hand history files when playing as they do not allow HUDs on their tables. We only use the Site Settings menu for sites that allow HUDs and auto import.

    I am not sure if we can properly detect their tournament info as I don't believe they write separate summary files

    Every report has required stats that the report is based/built on and those stats should not be removed. Open the 'Stats Picker' and those 2 stats back to the Tournaments report, or you can just click the 'Default stats' button if you want to restore all stats back to default.

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