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    Default importing errors

    I don't understand this problem.hm3.png

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    Those are not hand history files. You are importing the from the wrong folder. See this FAQ to find the proper hand history folder to auto import from.

    Find iPoker Hand History Folder
    Default Hand History Location: C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\AppData\Local\POKER_SITE_SKI N_NAME\data\POKER_SITE_SCREEN_NAME\History\Data

    Example Exact Hand History Location: C:\Users\bmoney\AppData\Local\Titan Poker\data\mglmstr2\History\Data
    Caution: Do not copy the Hand History folders above, they are not your exact Hand History file locations.
    You should not have to import manually from that folder, as the hand history files will be archived after each live play session.

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