Will Notecaddy work properly on HM2 or HM3 for the WPN?
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    Default Will Notecaddy work properly on HM2 or HM3 for the WPN?


    I am having trouble making Notecaddy work properly on HM2 and HM3 for the WPN, specially the general caddyscatter.
    I imagine it doesn't work for you too, which I find real odd since it seems you were not able to arrange a proper version for WPN for about 1 year now.

    I tested it with a variety of versions, I already re-installed everything twice and the same problem remains. I have to import with version or to get all(?-not sure any more) the Notecaddy stats and then I need to install the version because the pop-up graphs don't work on the 2 versions above, but this last version doesn't import many of the stats. In the re-player of HM2 everything seems to be okay, but when I sit at the tables the general caddyscatter of many players don't show up. Well, it shows but without any dots, only the ones of the session. And this is happening on HM3 too. I guess there is not an option only for using the general caddyscatter for the session, or is there?

    So, does Notecaddy work for you properly on HM2 or HM3 for the WPN?
    And if not, will you address this issue, that has about 1 year now in HM2?

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    This is a duplicate, response here: https://forums.holdemmanager.com/sho...d.php?t=541899

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