I would like to start a discussion on partypoker STT tournament detection, win/loss graph and ICM adjusted EV line. I am aware that many problems were caused by partypoker's new handhistory policy. I am simply trying to get the ball rolling here, to slowly get the essential features back, that many STT players desperately need.

1. Win/loss graph: Winnings in HM3 are far off. There seems to be a systematic error, by which HM3 detects WAY too many losses. This results in the overall graph dropping by tens- to hundredthousands of dollars. However, HM3 appears to detect SOME winnings correctly, which can be seen by the small "upwards" bumps in the graph (I have attached a win/loss graph).

2. ICM Adj graph: Again, much like the actual win/loss graph, the ICM Adj Winnings are far below reality. There is an obvious difference between the ICM and win/loss graph, so SOME correct calculation must be going on. But the overall bias towards losses messes everything up.

After digging through the list of tournaments, I have noticed that a large chunk of the losses comes from Double-Or-Nothing (DON) SNGs. These are 6-max STTs with top3 players paid. The handhistory naturally ends at 3 players, in which case Hero successfully cashed. But HM3 awards $0 in winnings here. It seems that the partypoker handhistory offers no information about the payout structure of the tournament, and thus HM3 assumes every 6-max STT to have the "standard" 63/35 payout structure. Am I correct in this assumption? This could be solved by allowing the user to manually set a payout structure for a tournament (this was possible in PT4).

3. Number of Entrants: HM3 detects the wrong number of entrants for a lot of STTs. Most are correctly detected at 6. Many are incorrectly detected as 7. Some are incorrectly detected as 8,9,10,11,12 or 13. I have looked through the handhistories of tournaments, where the wrong number of entrants was detected, but I could not find anything which might have caused this wrong detection. For example, one tournament where HM3 detected 13 entrants, literally says "Total number of players : 6/6" in the HH of the first hand.

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