HM3 update fail to install
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    Default HM3 update fail to install

    Hi guys ,

    I m trying to install the update but i m facing this message ' missing file '

    I searched the version , but i couldn t find the older version to download .



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    Here is the link so you can download that file to the same folder -

    MSI files require the previous stable version installer to be in the same folder as the update patch for the next stable version.

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    Still confused. I downloaded 3.1.10 version and then used your hyperlink to download 3.1.9 version. Both files are downloaded to This PC/downloads. I double click on version 10 but I end up with the same message looking for version 9. I direct it back to version 9, only to get a message saying that it has stopped the installation because the file is corrupted or is a malicious software. Afterwards version 9 is deleted from my computer.

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