Currently allowed Pokerstars charts/popups?
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    Red face Currently allowed Pokerstars charts/popups?

    Hi! I don't play poker since 2015 and I'm slowly coming back. I have an HM2 license and I'd like to know the changes in Pokerstars regarding HM2 POPUPS.
    I'm looking for a dynamic popup I could hove over my mouse and see my RFI/Call/3bet range from that specific position and stack. Ofc I'd edit the ranges myself, but I'm not sure if it's possible and/or allowed. I want to be able to SEE my range at that position with that stack size for the line taken (if I have to call chart shows calling range with that stack/position...if I have to 3bet the popup will show the same, but for 3bet and so on...).

    Since I'm gone for a long time, that would be useful to play more tables. Also, can you guys suggest a good HM2 Popup for my game? I play NL Holdem 45/90/180p TURBO.

    Thx in advance.

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    HM2/3 have no such dynamic popups, as we have no way to track your position live during a hand.

    Below is our standard reply for their third party tools rules and a link to the document so you can read the restrictions yourself in full.

    Amaya imposed rules that greatly inhibit how HUDs can work. The changes were can be viewed here, which was discussed in detail in this thread when the first round of rules were enforced.

    These features that will no longer work on the live tables will still work in the replayer for the hands played at Stars and Full Tilt as long as the poker client is closed.

    The latest restrictions from the new 04Mar2019 rule change are: 3+ Bet Premium stats, NASH Popups, and TableScanner join/open buttons can't be used on live tables, and the HUD Settings - Tournament Filters - Stack Size filters are not allowed to update automatically.*

    We have changed other features in HM2 previously such as the HUD Settings > Stat Appearance > 'Color Ranges' only the first 3 colors/ranges will work on FTP/Stars and Auto Rate features are also not allowed at live tables. Auto Rate icons can still be set manually but we are not allowed to have them auto assign any more at PokerStars or Full Tilt.

    NoteCaddy Restrictions on Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars are detailed here.

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    Thank you!

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