Hi! I don't play poker since 2015 and I'm slowly coming back. I have an HM2 license and I'd like to know the changes in Pokerstars regarding HM2 POPUPS.
I'm looking for a dynamic popup I could hove over my mouse and see my RFI/Call/3bet range from that specific position and stack. Ofc I'd edit the ranges myself, but I'm not sure if it's possible and/or allowed. I want to be able to SEE my range at that position with that stack size for the line taken (if I have to call chart shows calling range with that stack/position...if I have to 3bet the popup will show the same, but for 3bet and so on...).

Since I'm gone for a long time, that would be useful to play more tables. Also, can you guys suggest a good HM2 Popup for my game? I play NL Holdem 45/90/180p TURBO.

Thx in advance.