Tn2 issue - 21/04
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    Angry Tn2 issue - 21/04

    Hi guys,

    My TN2 used to work well but with the last PS update the creation of filters isn't working anymore. Once I try to save the tournments again, the function "save" doesn't work and PS doesn't complete the function. Then it's also impossible to "test" and then "start" the grind. Could anyone please help me with that? I don't know if it's a problem with the update or with TN2. In attached the screenshot of PokerStars when I try to save the tournment



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    Same for me on

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    I have the same issue. Contacted the TN2 support and they stated that it is a Problem with TN2 and the new pokerstars update. So it is not a technical issue with your setup. Also support said they are trying to fix it "ASAP".
    I'm running TN2 Version and the Problem TN2 not saving filters still exist for me. How About you? I can even start the sensei wizard again without Safed filters but it wont complet step 4/5 then saying the filter Settings have Changed and i Need to re-save them (obviously, cuz i was never able to save them).

    side note: i spend like 2 Hours Trouble Shooting before contacting support. Why is there no Little message box in TN2 or even HM2 or HM3 saying: new pokerstars update broke Sensei. We are working to fix it asap so you can be back at the grind, sorry. Would probably safe many People some time.

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