Re-installing HM2 but old license not recognised
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    Default Re-installing HM2 but old license not recognised

    I used to use HM2 and am now trying to re-install it on to the same PC I formerly used it on, but I get a message saying that the license code is not recognised. I have two license codes:

    HM2 Alpha Evalutation 14 Aug 2011

    Add Omaha To Holdem Manager Pro Version 28 Jul 2010

    but neither work.

    I have tried clicking on the reset code link but in Chrome nothing happens and in Firefox I get the message: "Server error - internal server error occurred when trying to reset code. Please try again or contact support to reset it manually"

    Currently using Windows 10; would have been on Windows 7 the last time I had HM2 running.

    Any suggestions appreciated

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    The first one is the alpha trial, which expired when we released HM2 on November 1, 2011.

    The second one is HM1.

    Please create a support ticket here - - with a link to this thread and your forum username.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Holdem Manager. When I went to look up your account I did not see a purchase ever made under this email address.

    For security reasons we can only provide technical support if you contact us from the email address that is linked to the code you are having problems with.

    If you had purchased using a different email you can log into that account to retrieve the license.

    If you could answer a few questions, it should help us in the search of the purchase.

    * * - Any possible other email addresses, you may have purchased the license under?
    * * - What is*your first/last name?
    * * - Which payment method did you use for the payment?
    * * - If you used a credit card do you have the last 4 digits and the name exactly as it shows up on the card?
    * * - If you purchased through a reseller?

    Also attach a picture of your ID/Passport so we can verify your identity.

    And attach your \HM2Logs folder files -*

    These should help us in the search of the license and thanks for your help in the matter.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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