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    Question Pop Tendencies


    I've searched and have not been able to find an answer as to how we use HEM 3 to find pop tendencies. I'm trying to find out positional averages in anonymous games.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    The only way currently to study population stats is to create an alias for those players then set that that alias to be the active player in the reports for analysis, but please be aware that it can be very resource intensive to link all villains to an alias so you should have a powerful computer with lots of ram if attempting this. If you want to create an alias with a lot of villains you can do it via the NoteCaddy Premium Aliases feature that creates an alias based on a color definition.

    This technique can also cause erroneous results in the reports if some of the villain's you aliased together have played hands against each other. An alias is designed to join 2 or more hero screen names that would not have played against each other so while this is possible to do it is not something we officially support or recommend.

    Also, see this forum post for more information about a few things we have planned to make basic population analysis within HM3 a bit easier.

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    Ok ty.

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