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    Default GGPoker solution

    I'm searching a solution to import ggpoker hands to hm2
    tried to change Hero name of all hands and not work
    anyone have some solution? <3

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    HM2 does not support the client hands from GGPoker. We added support for them in HM3 but that was some time after HM3 was released. You can try searching the web for some sort of hand converter to recreate those files in a HM2 supported site format like Stars, etc but I am not sure if any such product exists yet so you will have to research that yourself.

    All development of new features, tools and game type support will be focused on HM3. We will continue to support HM2 for bug fixes and parser updates until an end of life (“EOL”) date for HM2. We have not yet determined an EOL date for HM2; however, it will remain supported until at least October 15, 2020.

    By purchasing HM2 you can upgrade to HM3 with a 25% discount before October 15th 2020.

    To use the discount please login to your HM account on our website and add the available discounted upgrade option to the cart and complete the purchase -

    You can see our upgrade policy FAQ here:

    And our HM3 Annual Support & Maintenance policy FAQ here:

    Important: The Annual Support & Maintenance is FREE for the first year with the purchase or upgrade.

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