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    Default Delete default 'For Review' hand tag


    Is it possible to delete the 'For Review' tag from the list of available tags when marking a hh? I could delete all the other predefined tags but the Delete button is grayed out when I select 'For Review'.
    It's also always preselected and I tend to mark my hands by different tags, and the 'For Review' is just unnecessary noise to me.

    Not a huge deal if it's not possible as I'll just ignore it, but surely there must be a way to remove the tag altogether? I'm willing to edit some files not through the HEM GUI if that's what is needed.


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    Unfortunately it is not possible to remove that one since it is linked to the HUD - HUD Options - General Settings - Advanced - 'Hotkeys'. It was possible in the past (and the hotkeys would just use the first tag in the list) but it was causing crashes in new databases if all default tags were removed from another database so we had to leave that one unable to be removed. There are still some related issues with tagging hands in the replayer after deleting tags that we are trying to work through as a result.

    I am not sure if it might help but we do have a 'Tag' report if you end up needing to mark a bunch as 'For Review' during the session, so you can re-tag multiple hands after the session to your custom tags.

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