Notecaddy stats on Poker Stars not working
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    Default Notecaddy stats on Poker Stars not working

    Notecaddy has not worked properly on Stars for some time now. I have Hm2 .8673 version. I can see some notecaddy notes on 6max (zoom) tables but there is no notecaddy notes/stats at hu (zoom) tables. I can see only some of the hu notes in replayer but not all. Let's say I have been Check raised 7 times, I can see a few of those but not all. I have reseted all notes and generated those again but no help. What has changed in Notecaddy? Is there anything I can do to get notecaddy notes back? Older HM2 version perhaps?

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    Hi, please compress a few original HU HH files and attach them here or send us an email. This will help us to reproduce the issue and inform the developer about the problem.

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