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    Default PPpoker problems

    Hi, i want to report and ask about problems that occured while playing on PPpoker. First thing is when i played with my main database (with hands from other rooms) pppoker hands were saved also for pokerstars and i dont know how to purge them. Because of that i created a new databae just for PPpoker and now it is saved only for PPp room but now hud dont show in replayer. What is the cause of that ? Thx

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    Please reproduce the problem and click the 'Send Feedback' button from the left sidebar menu (or from the 'Help' menu at the top), or choose 'Yes' if prompted to submit an error report, and send your logs and config files with a detailed step by step description of the problem that we can use to try and reproduce the problem.* You can then add any screenshots or other files by opening the support ticket on our site.**Here is a direct link to your My Tickets page - https://support.holdemmanager.com/user/mytickets/

    If you are unable to send the logs via the automated system for any reason you can collect and send the logs manually - https://support.holdemmanager.com/su...les-to-support
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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