How to find statst by position in the View A List Of Opponents > Opponents lits ?
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    Default How to find statst by position in the View A List Of Opponents > Opponents lits ?

    Hi, i use the Opponents list to find how my opponent play but i can't find the VPIP/PFR/Cold Call by position ?

    I just find it when i use an individual pop up in the HUD for each opponent and that's very long time work

    Thank you for help !

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    The Opponent's views do not work like our standard reports and do not have access to all 2,000+ stats the HUD and Reports do.

    This feature request has been documented in detail and provided to the developers for future consideration. *

    Opponents list - Allow all stats to be used in the report

    If you want to be notified if/when it is added please send an email via the 'Contact Support' link and include "Notify Me When HMT-3073 Is Resolved" in the subject line and body of the email.

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