is there a list of all available stats in HM3?
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    Default is there a list of all available stats in HM3?

    As in the topic, is there a list of all available stats in HM3?
    I looked in HM3 faq, but I was unable to find any help there.

    I am looking for Steal from SB stats, but i cannot find it.
    I found old list with stats from HM1 here:
    There it is listed just as "SB steal", but in my HM3 it is not available.

    Do I have to install older version of HM to be able to use that stat?

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    We do not have a list of all stats as it would be hard to keep updated with all the new stats we regularly add.

    HM3 has 'Steal' and 'RFI' stats in the Stats Picker but HM3 does not have positional versions of every stat like HM2 did, as many customers felt it cluttered up the stats list.* Instead we have the HUD - HUD Editor - Item Properties - Position modifier as shown in this screenshot -*

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