Getting flags from BitDefender for both HM2 and Hm3
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    Default Getting flags from BitDefender for both HM2 and Hm3

    Bitdefender automatically blocked a load of files related to NoteCaddy in HM3, now it's also blocked one in HM2 - thirtytwobitipc.exe.
    I'm sure these are false positives, but thought I'd better inform you guys.
    In HM3, I managed to restore Notecaddy, but it's gone again now.

    Edit: HM3 is trying to redownload NoteCaddy but it's not working.
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    Many of those free Norton, Mcaffee, Comodo, Zonealarm, Avira, Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, etc, 'internet security' bundles will not work well with Holdem Manager.

    Please do the following steps, so we can get your computer to a state that we know will work with Holdem Manager:

    1) Uninstall any 3rd party security software bundles.
    2) Reboot your computer
    3) Please reinstall HM3 (no need to uninstall it) to be sure your antivirus didn't prevent some of the HM3 files from being installed previously. Here is a direct link to the installer file -
    4) Enable Windows Firewall's recommended settings through your Control Panel, turn off Windows Defender (unless you are using Windows 10, in which case it should be enabled).
    5) Install Microsoft Security Essentials (unless you are using Windows 10, in which case it was replaced by Windows Defender mentioned in step 4 above) for antivirus/malware protection and update it -

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